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Affiliated Clubs, Ranges and Businesses

The NRA is committed to providing assistance to its affiliated clubs and ranges across the country. The NRA Clubs & Associations Department provides services and assistance to a network of over 15,000 NRA affiliated clubs, associations, and businesses. Meanwhile, NRA Range Services offers a number of resources to public and private ranges across the country including on-site assistance, educational seminars, grants and much more.

Over 15,000 NRA Affiliated Organizations

Including a variety of clubs, associations, and businesses

4 Annual Club Awards

Recognizing significant accomplishments achieved in areas of organization, operation and public service rendered

Range Education And Training

Learn from a variety of services in range development and operations including conferences and online courses

Benefits of NRA Club Affiliation

NRA affiliates have access to several benefits including grants, awards, range services, discounts on products, software and more! Every day, the NRA is working to increase your enjoyment of the shooting sports by offering educational shooting programs, providing club benefits, and defending our Second Amendment rights.

NRA Club Affiliation Application

Click here to sign up to register your club and become an NRA affiliate. Gain access to recruiting, club awards, educational resources, range grants and discounts for shipping and credit card processing.

NRA Club Affiliation Renewal

Organizations affiliated with the NRA must be comprised of at least five (5) persons twenty one (21) years of age or older and must have at least three (3) elected officers. At least 3 officers or directors MUST be a current NRA member.

NRA Club Officer's Guide

If you are a current club officer or want to become one, this guidebook will help you learn how to organize a club, choose a name, write bylaws, plan meetings and more. Get your free download today!

The Importance of Incorporation

Incorporation protects the members and/or owners of a business, range, association or gun club from this type of liability. If there are debts and obligations the business, range, association or gun club cannot meet, then, if incorporated, the corporation would be responsible for such debts and not the members.

Club Leadership & Development Webinar Series

Interested in learning how to make your club more successful? Take a one-hour webinar session and get information on how NRA can help you apply for grant funding, grow your membership and develop club leadership.

NRA Club Awards Program

Each year the National Rifle Association recognizes outstanding clubs, state associations, youth clubs, and an individual or organization for public service. The Annual Awards program recognizes significant accomplishments achieved in areas of organization, operation, and public service rendered.

Gold Medal Clubs

Each year the National Rifle Association recognizes outstanding clubs that have gone above and beyond by striving to meet NRA's goals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to apply or renew your club for the NRA Gold Medal Award! Meeting the Gold Medal standard is a great way to show your pride and support for the NRA and the Second Amendment.

NRA Business Alliance

The NRA Business Alliance was established in 1992 to provide NRA member businesses with a marketplace to sell goods and services to fellow NRA members. NRA Business Alliance members enjoy many benefits including NRA member magazines and discounts on a wide range of business services

NRA State Associations

State associations are independent organizations affiliated with and recognized by the NRA. If you are not already a member of your official NRA state association, join today, and help build for the future of the shooting sports in your state!

The NRA Range

Come and shoot on one of the most technically advanced, user-friendly indoor shooting ranges in the country - right in the basement of NRA Headquarters! The 50-yard, wheelchair accessible NRA Range is open to all NRA members, the general public, and available for private group rentals. Featuring 15 shooting booths, The NRA Range has ample room for pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting.

NRA Whittington Center

Located near beautiful Raton, New Mexico, the NRA Whittington Center is home to the nation’s premier hunting, shooting, and outdoor recreation facility. Founded in 1973, the Center offers ranges for every kind of shooting discipline, a shotgun center, a firearms museum, specialized firearms training, guided and unguided hunts, RV and tent camping, plus an adventure camp for younger shooters and wildlife adventurers.

Range Services

NRA Range Services offers a number of resources to public and private ranges across the country including on-site assistance, educational seminars, grants and much more. Take an online course, learn from the NRA Range Technical Team and find other educational materials and resources.

NRA Range Safety Officers

The NRA Range Safety Officer program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally-recognized range safety officer certification. NRA Range Safety Officers are people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

How To Start An NRA Club

Help to create a safe environment to enjoy the shooting sports in your community. Shooting sports is an activity which teaches life skills like sportsmanship, self-discipline, concentration, leadership and much more to people of all ages.

National Registry of Events

Post your upcoming events for FREE on the NRA's National Registry of Events! Log on and post events on the registry. Once the event is posted, it will open up the door for individuals and other organizations to search for an event in their area. The National Rifle Association does not certify or approve shooting clubs.

NRA Club Connection Magazine

NRA Club Connection Magazine is a quarterly publication designed to inform readers about the various NRA programs, how to apply for grant funding, advice on range services, information on club success stories and much more. Our grassroots network of affiliated organizations is what keeps the NRA in the forefront of community action to benefit the American public. We honor the hard work and efforts being done at the state and local levels to continue to secure our Second Amendment Freedoms.

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