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Whether you are a hunter, competitor, collector, or just a gun enthusiast, you can revel in your passion and discover new interests through the NRA. Keep up to date on news from around the country, NRA programs, and the latest from the firearms industry. Check out the options below to subscribe to magazines, read up on the latest news from our websites, and engage with other like-minded people. 


NRA Blog

NRABlog is your connection to the firearm education, safety and marksmanship training programs of the National Rifle Association. Read the latest on competitive shooting, events, hunting, recreational shooting and training.

American Rifleman

As the NRA's flagship publication, American Rifleman presents its loyal readers with expert coverage of rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, optics and other shooting accessories. American Rifleman is the largest firearm magazine in the world, covering everything from the newest products off the manufacturing line to historical firearms, and keeps its audience updated on political events regarding the Second Amendment.

America's 1st Freedom

America's 1st Freedom is the magazine for NRA members dedicated to preserving our fundamental right to self-defense. From breaking news on latest anti-gun schemes to in-depth investigations into explosive topics such as BATFE's "Fast and Furious" debacle, America's 1st Freedom reports the news that impacts our gun rights. Not only does America's 1st Freedom debunk myths presented daily by the main stream media, it also provides legal analysis to educate readers who want to help get the word out about firearm rights.

American Hunter

American Hunter reaches out to all sportsmen and women, bringing information about the newest hunting guns, optics and accessories, as well as providing techniques and tips for all kinds of game. Top outdoor writers provide detailed articles on strategy, adventure and the commitment to conservation. With more than 1 million readers, American Hunter's audience leads the effort to pass the outdoor sportsman's rich heritage to the next generation.

Shooting Illustrated

From concealed carry and home defense to 3-gun competition and tactical training, Shooting Illustrated is loaded to full capacity with expert information on the subjects today's shooters care about most. Each issue offers in-depth analysis of the latest self-defense and tactical firearms and gear, along with valuable, how-to advice on shooting techniques and methods of personal protection. Practical knowledge, combined with dynamic photography and cutting-edge design, makes for the most comprehensive guide to defensive hardware and tactics available.

NRA Family

Find fun for the whole family! Catch up on the latest Second Amendment news for all ages. NRA Family provides ideas for family adventures and tips for hunters and shooters of all skill levels.

Shooting Sports USA

Over 10,000 competitive shooters read and share the modern-day digital edition of Shooting Sports USA every month for reviews of current firearm technology, what the winners are using and strategies for excellence on the firing line. Shooting Sports USA covers all shooting disciplines, features both big-name and local club shooters, and promotes the competitive shooting sports by listings thousands of upcoming matches nationwide. Each issue features reports of NRA-sanctioned matches and local club shoots, as well as product reviews.

NRA All Access

NRA All Access, presented by Taurus, is a year round show on Outdoor Channel that takes a comprehensive look at the NRA with segments on programs, events, entertainers and key issues associated with the outdoor lifestyle and the shooting sports.

NRA Gun Gurus

Hosted by renowned firearms experts Jim Supica and Phil Schreier, NRA Gun Gurus presented by Henry Repeating Arms examines history’s most famous firearms while exploring the stories behind them. Additional programming includes a live firearm auction at the Rock Island Auction Company, and highlighting a brand new piece from the world-class NRA Museums firearm collection within a segment of the TV series called, ‘Tales from the Vault.’

NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum

In working to enrich and grow the NRA’s efforts, the HLF marches in step with one of the NRA’s five key purposes and objectives: “to promote hunter safety, and to promote and defend hunting as a shooting sport and as a viable and necessary method of fostering the propagation, growth, conservation and wise use of our renewable wildlife resources.” The HLF brings together dedicated hunters who have distinguished themselves as leaders in their professions, communities and in the field as we go on the offense and work together to save hunting's future.

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