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Club Leadership & Development Webinar Series

Interested in learning more about how to make your club more successful? Learn how NRA can help!

Learn how to apply for grant funding, grow your membership, and develop club leadership!

These one-hour webinar sessions will provide you with information on how NRA can help you with everything essential to club operation.

Hunters for the Hungry

Learn about the Hunters for the Hungry program and find out how you can help your community with the donation of game meat. This one-hour session goes in depth on the program with Josh Wilson, Executive Director of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.


Critical Gun Range Operational and Waste Management Requirements

NRA and MT2 Firing Range Services provided information to help firing range owners and managers who face the problem of understanding the complex compliance requirements to adhere to OSHA regulations and US EPA/State environmental requirements for lead management. Watch the full webinar replay with a printed Q&A.


Interested in Hosting YHEC?

In this webinar, we discuss what it takes to host an event and the new updates to the program.

NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) provides a fun environment for kids 18 and under to improve their hunting, marksmanship, and safety skills.

A common challenge for dealers and smaller business owners is to identify the best ways to invest precious dollars toward promoting their companies. What are the best ways to promote your business and maximize sales?

To help identify and learn about useful tools for your business, the NRA Business Alliance has asked Growth Strategy Partners, a management consulting firm focused on the shooting sports industry, to present what they, and some of their partners already know about useful ways to help businesses grow and increase profits.

This one-hour webinar will focus on:

  • The importance of differentiation. Why it matters, how to develop your own differentiators, and how to promote them.
  • How to build a promotional culture (vs a promotional department)
  • Strategies, tactics, and effective tools to promote your business
  • Why education and training are a key factor in boosting your volume of customers and increased sales
  • Levels of promotion sophistication and what options might work for you.
  • Actions you can work on right away to improve sales
  • Best Practices in Communicating with Customers

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